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"I've been testing Ultimate Footer Ad over the past week. It has added 126 extra new subscribers to my list just in the past week I wouldn't have picked up any other way...and that's just with minor testing of the default included graphics. Wait till I get some custom graphics installed and use it on more than just one of my sites!"

Terry Dean - Internet Business Coach

From: Graham Cox & Carl Chapman

Re: An important message for all serious website owners & bloggers

Dear Site Owner,

Are you happy with your website's conversion rate?

I'd bet money you aren't.

Nobody is, if they're honest. Think about it:

Higher conversions mean more money...and everybody wants to make more money, right?

More money to spend on yourself and your family. More money to travel to exotic climes. More money to help you live the life you want...

Whatever.  Let's just agree...earning more money is a good thing.

After all, that's probably why most of us got into online business to begin with.

That and the freedom to be our own boss, working when and where we want.

That's the online business dream right?

Well, here's a newsflash for you...

If You Can't Fix Your Low Converting Pages...Your Business Is Probably Already Declining

The global economy is facing huge recession. If you thought you could rely on low-converting webpages to make your living, you're wrong...

Sorry if that offends you...but it's true. If you think making money online is tough now, it's about to get a whole lot tougher...

And that's not even the scary part...

The scary part is thinking about how tough it's going to be to find a job while the world's in this mess...

Listen, it would be embarrassing enough to have to quit your IM business just because your low conversions don't bring in enough cash. Can you imagine how much more embarrassing it's going to be when you quit your business, then struggle to find a job?

Of course, if you listen to all the "gurus", they'll tell you that it's easy to sell your products or service online

After all, even if it doesn't sell like crazy from day 1, you can run some simple split tests and send the profits rocketing...

And in a way, that's true.

You can make huge leaps in profit with split testing. But unless you're an expert with your own custom-written software (more on that in a minute), split testing can take months...

Months of tracking, months of making notes and months of working on different experiments and variations...

Funny how the gurus don't mention that huh?

There's A Bigger Reason Your Ads Aren't Converting...

But it gets worse...split testing problems are a walk in the park compared to what you're about to discover...

You see, there's a huge, basic reason that stops your pages and ads from converting...

And it's something that affects everyone who's spent more than about 5 minutes online in their life...

The Real Reason For Your Poor Conversions & Super Low Click Through Rates:

It's called Ad Blindness, and every civilized human in the world has it.

You'll see exactly how Ad Blindness is affecting your site in just a moment, but first check out how explains it:

" Ad Blindness is a term used to denote the state of conscious or subconscious ignorance of advertisements placed in a web page by visitors..."

To put it bluntly, years of watching TV, reading magazines, and surfing the web has trained your visitors to ignore your ads...

That's a fact.

Scientists have proven the existence of Ad Blindness (also known as banner blindness) beyond a doubt - it means your web visitors are so used to ignoring advertising that they are mostly ignoring your ads and banners - even right now, as you read this...

In independent Ad Blindness studies, subjects were asked to search webpages for certain words. And in most cases they failed totally...


Because even though the text they were looking for was written in huge letters on banners and footer ads on the page, they were so used to skipping ads that they totally missed the text they were looking for.

...even though it was right in front of their nose!

Interesting huh? Imagine how that's affecting your website right now - even as you read this, your site visitors are glossing over your ads and missing your calls to action.

And every single one of them is costing you money...

Is Ad Blindness Affecting Your Website Conversions?

It may sound crazy, but I'd bet my next commission check that you have Ad Blindness too...

Ever noticed how when you flick through a magazine or paper you'll just skip over the ads without even thinking about it?

How about when you watch TV....ever surf the other channels when the commercials are on?

Sound familiar?

That's Ad Blindness, and we've all got it...

Doesn't That Explain Why Your Webpages Have Such Low Conversions?

Your expensive banner may look awesome, but it's hard to get the click when your visitor hasn't even noticed it!

Let me tell you, this revelation about Ad Blindness came as quite a shock to me.

But it certainly explained why so many of my banners and ads just weren't working. It was about then that I decided we internet marketers needed to find a way to combat this...

We needed to find a new form of advertising for the one day I just sat at my computer and visited hundreds of different sites. I wanted to see what it was that really caught my eye...what pages really had the power to cut through my own Ad Blindness...

And then it hit me like a bolt of lightning...

I realized that we needed an evolution of internet advertising.

It dawned on me that the ideal internet eye catcher would be something that combined the glossy looks of an expensive banner with the attention-grabbing movement of a popup...

But without being annoying or obtrusive...


Ultimate Footer Ad

Raising Your Clicks & Conversions In 2 Minutes Flat...

UltimateFooterAds is the perfect solution for just about any site owner/blogger.

It lets you create hyper effective ads at the click of a button - ads that easily slice through the Ad Blindness of your site or blog visitor.

Hit the play button below NOW to see how quick and easy it is to use Ultimate Footer Ad:

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Here's just a tiny sample of the benefits of using Ultimate Footer Ad:

  • Overcome ad blindness in your visitors and get their attention without resorting to spammy popups, popunders, hover ads or other annoying techniques.
  • Turbo-charge your click-thru rates - get more traffic to your salespages, squeezepages and affiliate!
  • Dramatically increase profitability - without any increase in your traffic.
  • Get more Twitter Followers or RSS subscribers. - Place an Ultimate Footer Ad on your blog and watch your Follow and Subscription rates soar!
  • Impress your visitors with the 72 pro-quality graphic templates included as a special bonus with UFA. - these are so good your visitor will assume you have custom designers and programmers on your payroll...even if you're just a one man bedroom operation
  • Grab more email subscribers - build your list quickly and easily without annoying your regular blog readers with pesky hover-overs or popups.
  • Get more of your visitors to take the action you want - it's super easy with these high-impact, yet unobtrusive footer ads.
  • Incrementally improve your conversion rates - split test multiple ads against one another without needing any specialist programming knowledge. Just copy and paste the provided code's that easy. The let UFA tell you which ad is converting best.

Here's what top UK internet marketer Lee McIntyre had to say about Ultimate Footer Ad:

"10 minutes to install...added $1164 to my bottom line......."

Listen to Lee McIntyre's Testimonial

"Hi Graham,

This is Lee McIntyre from I wanted to ring in and say how impressed I am with Ultimate Footer Ad. Now I don't often leave testimonials for any products or services, and this is the first time I've ever left an audio testimonial, which should show you how impressed I am with your software. I really enjoyed using's been an absolute revelation in my business.

In fact I've been testing it on two of my sites and I've already added an extra 122 people to my list, plus another 12 people to my $97 a month coaching program.

It took me 10 minutes to install the software and I copied and pasted that cool little piece of code that you gave me. I added that to my blog and then a couple of days later, almost out of thin air, I had another 122 people on my list. Plus I'd added, in monthly income $1164 to my bottom line, from all those extra coaching sign-ups.

Installing it was a breeze and using it was a breeze too, and I want to say thank you for making an absolutely fantastic system. I really would recommend this to any of my coaching clients because it's helped me grow my business and I know it could help them grow theirs as well.!"

Lee McIntyre

Why Your Site Is 48 Seconds From Success
Right Now...

Now before we go on, if you're thinking ‘Ok, this thing looks great Graham, but I don't have the technical skills to use it on my website’, let me put your mind at rest.

Ultimate Footer Ad is super simple to use. As an example, I timed one of our testers the very first time he used it and he was able to create a brilliant, effective slide-in footer ad in just 48 seconds. And step-by-step video tutorials and documentation are provided to help you get started.

So you see, whether you're a regular site owner or blogger, Ultimate Footer Ad will help instantly boost your conversions and opt-ins!

Here are some more features and benefits of using UFA:

  • Works with virtually all autoresponder services - including Aweber, GetResponse and Email Aces.
  • Fully customizable Ads- including the headline, call to action, font style, font size, colors and more!
  • Create and add your own custom graphics templates - simply drop your template into the script directory and it will auto-magically appear in your admin panel, ready for you to use.
  • Unlimited Domain License - profit exponentially by using UFA on all your sites.
  • Two different Ad Types: Standard (clickable) Ads and Opt-In Ads - redirect traffic to your offers or generate leads. Or rotate both's up to you.
  • Total Control of how often your ads display - multiple options for how often return visitors see your ad, including ‘Always‘, ‘Never‘ and ‘Once every X visits‘
  • Split Test Multiple Ads - Test 2 or more ads to exponentially boost conversions.
  • Rotate Multiple Ads - Show different ads to return visitors and test different offers.

This is a truly powerful package...check out what another actual user has had to say:

"Draw the eyes of the reader and increase optins and clicks..."

Hi Graham,

I thought you'd appreciate my feedback on Ultimate Footer Ad.

First off - I'm impressed that I was able to use I know that sounds daft - but I do keep telling people I hate techy stuff, and I really do, I'm hopeless at

In terms of my first thoughts and reactions after seeing it installed:

I like the look of it. The way it slides up and catches the eye and then the animated graphics drawing the eyes for a closer look.... I love that!

I also tested the optin box - which works fine with the optin form code for my autoresponder Wizard Responder

After seeing the confirm page open in a new window which again was very pleasing not drawing visitors away from my site! :)

And a nice touch with the opt-in changing to a thank you message - that was cool What I like best is that it's at the bottom of the page so it does not stop people from reading my content and even going back to where they were after seeing the ad.

Having the choice to close it if they wish, - I'm sure even die hard folks against pop ups would find that unobtrusive!

I think that has to be one of the best points and why people should use UFA. Unlike so many pop up's /overs/flyin's, UFA really is unobtrusive - but at the same time it does exactly what it's supposed to do - draw the eyes of the reader and increase opt-ins and clicks of the ad shown!

So yeah - great job Graham... I can see me using it on all my sites at some point - it's definitely my favorite form of pop up type ad now...

That also goes for Pete, my techy partner, who has already told me he will be buying the second you launch!

Thanks for the opportunity to test UFA Graham, and for coming up with a quality method of unobtrusive advertising.

Randolf Smith

As you've seen, Ultimate Footer Ad gets results. You can literally use it to push your profits into the sky.

So how much would you be willing to pay for that? How much is it worth to you to be in control of your own income and make sure you're maximizing your conversion rates from each and every visitor?

Well, let's talk about it in real terms. Say your site gets 200 visitors a day and sells a $47 product at a 1% conversion rate. That's $658 from 14 sales a week...

Not bad, but let's add Ultimate Footer Ad to the mix...

After installing Ultimate Footer Ad, your opt-in rate has increased, which in turn boosts your overall sales by 25%. Your site is now making a 1.25% conversion...which gives an average of 17.5 sales per week. 17.5 sales at $47 is $822.50...$164.50 more

Suddenly your site is making you an extra $164.50 a week...with zero extra effort!

That's $8554 every single year, from a quick little install today...

But that's just from one website. Now imagine installing UltimateFooterAd into every site you own?

A lot of extra profit, for zero effort...

How much would UFA be worth to you then? Or let me put it another much money are you leaving on the table by not using UFA?

Before we go on there's one thing you absolutely must know:


There's already been a ton of interest in this.  Once word got out about the success of my beta testers, everyone wanted in. My inbox has been inundated with people begging for beta copies and demos...

And with good reason...Ultimate Footer Ad works!

Whether it's increased profits through bringing in more subscribers, or just fatter affiliate checks by getting more visitors clicking through your links...

Can you imagine how popular this thing is going to be once word starts to spread about it on the IM forums?

It's going to be insane. High conversion rates will suddenly be for everyone...not just the gurus and their hyper-expensive copywriters...

And that's what I wanted...I wanted the "little guys," average Joes like me and you to finally have a simple route to great conversions and opt-in figures.

But that means your competitors can have a huge advantage over you, if they get their hands on this first...

That's why I decided on such a low price...

Originally I was going to price this at $97.

And that's a bargain...after all, I just showed you how to make an easy $164 a week by installing it onto just 1 website.

But then I realized a lot of marketers just flat out couldn't afford that. Especially guys just starting out...

So I cut that $97 in half.

That's right, you can get this ultra-powerful profit hiking package today for just:

$97, $77, $47.

>>  I'm sold, take me to the order page  <<

For less than the price of the latest lame eBook release, you can have something that's guaranteed to make you more can have it installed and boosting your conversions just minutes from now...

Special Fast Action Bonus #1

~ 72 Premium Quality Footer Ad Graphics ~

With your copy of Ultimate Footer Ad, you'll also receive a bonus package of 72 pre-made Footer Ad Graphics you can use straight away.

There are six different designs including Business, Free Audio, Free Video, Free Ebook, Wait! and Special Offer.

Each design comes in .gif (all are animated except ‘Business’) and static PNG versions and in 6 different colors, black, white, grey, blue, red and yellow/orange. Watch the video below to see them in action:-

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Special Fast Action Bonus #2

~ Free Lifetime Upgrades ~

Act today and we'll also throw in free upgrades for the lifetime of the product.

This isn't a one off product, we have several ideas for cool new features already in the planning stage. Once they're implemented, we'll almost certainly be raising the price of Ultimate Footer Ad for new customers. Claim your copy today and you'll never pay another penny for all future upgrades and fixes.

What's more, I'm so confident you'll love this super powerful script, that I'm backing it up with a cast-iron guarantee...

Try Ultimate Footer Ad For 365 Days - Risk Free!

Yep, you read that right. Download Ultimate Footer Ad today and try it out for 1 whole year. If your ad click-through rates haven't at least doubled by then, just contact us for a quick, hassle-free questions asked!

As you can see, I'm taking all the risk, but you have to grab this opportunity...

Why You Need To Act Right Now...
Or Risk Missing This Bargain Forever...

You've probably realized by now that Ultimate Footer Ad is starting to create a ton of buzz in the online marketing world. It's completely new, so I need to test this sales page along with a few different price points...

So to be blunt about this, I'm reserving the right to increase this price at any time.

If you wait, I can't guarantee you'll be able to buy Ultimate Footer Ad at the same incredibly low price of $47 when you come back in a half hour, or tomorrow, or whenever...

So order right now to secure your spot at this bargain price...

Yes, Give Me Ultimate Footer Ad Now!

I want to get it now for just a fraction of it's worth to me in increased sales and subscribers, and before the price is hiked up to $67 or even more!

I understand I'll receive the following...

  • The Ultimate Footer Ad script with an Unlimited Domains license and super-easy install instructions so I can have UFA up and running in minutes from now!
  • 72 Premium-Quality Graphics Templates. Pre-Installed with the script and ready for me to use straight away.
  • Lifetime Upgrades - upgrades, fixes and support for the lifetime of the product.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials showing me how to install and use Ultimate Footer Ad for maximum conversions!

I also understand that everything is backed by a 365 day guarantee. If I am not overjoyed by the results I see in that time, I'll get a full hassle-free refund of my investment, no questions asked!

I authorize my credit/debit card (via PayPal) to be charged the amount of $47.

Click the Button Below NOW to Guarantee Your $47 price tag

add to cart

major credit cards accepted

Best Wishes,

Graham Cox & Carl Chapman

P.S.  Ultimate Footer Ad is so simple and effective it can make you more money today.
Download it, plug it in, and watch the conversions increase...guaranteed.

P.P.S.  Think about this...the two best ways of increasing profit online are more traffic or higher conversions. And we all know how tough it is to get more traffic. Why not use Ultimate Footer Ad to squeeze every ounce of profit from your existing visitors?

P.P.P.S.  Don't forget, I've covered you with my 365 day no-risk guarantee. That's how confident I am Ultimate Footer Ad will boost conversions for you. You really have nothing to lose. So why not give it a try by hitting the order link below now...

>>  Download Your Copy Of Ultimate Footer Ad Here  <<

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